The Magic of Thailand

Thailand formerly known as Siam is fast becoming the ultimate in worldwide luxury travel. Every year millions of tourists make for her sensational shores. Located in Southeast Asia, it’s estimated that over 32.59 million tourists visited the country in 2016. But fear not, Thailand is a huge country, totalling 198.000 square miles. There is plenty of space to enjoy your stay. Those looking for adventure, look for trekking in the majestic mountains and forests. Others come for the scuba diving and the chance to sight exotic sea creatures. For the culturally inclined there’s the opulence of royal palaces and bejewelled temples to explore. If it’s exclusive holiday luxury then head for the islands. Here is paradise. Breathtaking beaches and fabulous villa rentals are just some of the reasons why this beautiful country is your first choice destination.


The Villas

If you’re looking for that touch of romance, that hint of majesty and that large helping of opulence and luxury, then hiring an exclusive villa must be high on your vacation agenda. Beach resorts abound. For the quintessential villa experience then look no further than the fabulous island retreats. They have everything you need in high style living. When it comes to choosing a beach villa you are really spoiled for choice. Elegant and fashionable, the island beach villas offer luxury beyond your wildest dreams. Many villas have private Jacuzzis, private pools and palatial interiors. Live like a celebrity. Relax by the pool, wander along the beach, feel the warm sand beneath your feet. Then when evening falls why not change the mood and take a boat to Ko Tao and the night life. If you’re lucky you can sample a full moon party: just one more reason to make this your ultimate travel experience.

The Beaches

If you’re wondering why this south eastern country should be your premier choice, you need look no further than the beaches. One look will tell you why they are considered world class. With gently swaying coconut trees as their backdrop, glorious white beaches edge up to fabulous crystal clear waters. Lazing on the beach never became more sensual. When you think Tropical island, think of this corner of the world. The former Siam offers up her majestic beaches, some quite deserted most of the day, just for you to play on. Then when you’re bronzed and beautiful, why not head out to one of the many evening beach parties.

The Culture

Customs: The population of the Kingdom of Thailand is made up of 96% Thai and 4% Burmese and other ethnic groups. Buddhism is the official religion and most annual festivals are a time to worship Buddha in one of the local temples. Families are very close knit and the extended family usually all live under the same roof. If you want to feel part of the culture then learn how to use the customary greeting, ‘Wai’. You’ll see it constantly when you are out and about. It looks like a prayer gesture. Raise both hands, palms facing each other with your fingers pointing upwards. Now here’s an interesting fact. Even Ronald MacDonald has his hands positioned in this form of respect.

Street food: Food is one of the most famous features of this region of the world. Most tourists succumb to the delicious ready-to-eat meals served in markets, from street stalls, hawkers and even on floating stalls. If you really fall in love with the food, you can take classes on how to cook Thai food. The most popular dishes are grilled chicken or pork served on skewers, noodles with shrimp, papaya salad and steamed chicken on rice. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to eating. Bangkok has the reputation of being the premier place for sampling street food.

The Ultimate Luxury

The ultimate luxury, exclusivity and lavish style are the reasons why you need to experience a villa holiday in Thailand. Want to get away to a tropical island? Look no further. Luxury beach resorts abound. Located on the most beautiful shores in the world, your vacation will be sensational. This is what your money pays for. A palatial villa in a perfect setting, lots of space to explore the glorious beaches and local customs, the most stylish of décor and the privacy to enjoy your holiday of a life time. That special ‘it’ factor that this part of the world offers, means that you can live like a king or queen in a location you only ever dreamed about.

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