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Samui Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a great sport or activity for all ages and abilities, and Samui Disc Golf has been meticulously designed to be fair to beginners and challenging to pros. We welcome everyone from family groups and tourists looking for a fun frisbee activity, to professional level players from abroad. Disc golf is great for group outings too, parties, sports clubs, tour groups, office outings, families and friends.

As the name itself might imply, this sport has a lot in common with Golf – but is way more exciting and less equipment-heavy than its namesake. Just like in Golf, Frolf is usually played on a course of 9 or 18 holes. Not just the name has been taken over from golf; many of the rules apply, too.

The rules of Disc Golf are pretty straightforward. You start off at a tee area and throw your disc. Throwing again from the landing position of the disc until the target is reached, you might end up walking a lot more than following a golf ball, as the wind has a big part in the play, too. It is exactly this that makes it more fun, though and probably also motivates newcomers to start with the sport. If you mess up, it is still pretty good fun.

Just like golf, the number of throws until the target is reached are counted and the goal of the game is, to complete each hole – and with that the whole course – with the lowest count of total throws (also referred to as par).

Once your tournament has finished you will be presented with a refreshing drink and lunch all included. Take a break from the beach and experience something different and fun, tee off with Samui Disc Golf!

Duration: Full Day

All-inclusive: 1,000THB / per person



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