Choengmon Beach

Choengmon Beach Visitors Guide: Attractions, Activities and Things To Do

Koh Samui is an incredible island that offers something for everybody. This beautiful tropical island in Thailand is large and developed enough to offer tourists a very diverse range of attractions and experiences.

You probably know about Chaweng Beach, because of it’s bars, clubs and shopping malls. But Choengmon Beach is another popular beach on the island that sets itself apart – with it’s long sandy beaches and deep waters, it’s perfect for swimming and water sports.

Choengmon Beach is located on the north-east coast of Koh Samui and is perfect for those seeking a more relaxed experience. In comparison to other beaches on Samui, it does not get that much attention from tourists. It is one of the few spots on the island that still remains ‘tucked away’ from the masses.

As one of Samui’s best kept secrets, Choengmon beach should be one at the top of your list of places to visit, especially if you are travelling with your significant other. Let’s take a look at some of the main attractions on this beach, so you can plan the most out of your trip.

Choengmon Beach – The White Sand Tropical Paradise

Samui receives millions of tourists every year. It can certainly get crowded in the more popular beaches of the island, ruining the peace of mind some seek from a holiday. If you are looking for the ideal tropical getaway that’s far from the noisy and often drunken party-seeking tourists, Choengmon Beach is the choice for you.

The white-sand beaches on this side of Koh Samui remain largely undeveloped compared to the rest of the island. You will find hundreds of meters of soft white sand beaches sprinkled with charming beach bars, fairly priced restaurants and beautiful ocean-front property.

By staying at Choengmon Beach you get the best of Thailand in one place.

Adventure into the sea

Cheong Mon Beach has clear blue water and fine grained white sand. This idyllic beach is perfect for adults and children alike – there’s plenty of space to laze away the afternoons while the kids are splashing away in the water and building sand castles. And ice cream is readily available once they’ve exhausted themselves.

If you’re adventurous, like me, you will also enjoy the water sports the beach is known for. Snorkeling, kayaking, even scuba-diving, take your pic. I recommend kayaking to the little islet Ko Fan Noi that sits off the shore from Cheong Mon. Check out the dive centre in the village or speak to the resorts directly to book your adventure!

When the tide is low, you can actually walk to the islet yourself. Just be sure to get back before the tide goes back up, or you’ll be swimming your way back.

Romantic beach dinners

The pristine white Cheong Mon beach of the day turns into a charming dining experience under the stars at night. Many of the resorts convert their beach fronts into restaurants around sunset, offering a very romantic vista and setting.

The choice of food is good at Cheong Mon. It’s a lot of fun in itself to walk along the beach in the evening and sample the different cuisine available. Whether it’s Thai, Italian, Indian or fusion – you’ll find it there!

Once you’ve exhausted these and crave for a bit more liveliness, there’s no need to go to the busier beaches of Koh Samui. Cheong Mon Beach also has cool bars aligned on the shore. Receive the sunset in a different bar each night, each with its own feel. Check out the hippie style Rock & Cocktail Bar or, for an elegant experience, head to Crystal Restaurant and Bar. For some of the best cocktails on Samui, I recommend Honey’s Sunset Bar and Restaurant.

Stay at a luxurious villa

It’s no secret Samui island has some of the most impressive beach properties in Thailand. If you’re looking for a luxurious escape from your routine, Choengmon Beach is definitely the right place for you.

You don’t even have to spend ridiculous amounts of money. Your hard earned cash can let you enjoy the finer things in life when visiting Samui. Short term rentals allow you to stay at incredibly beautiful properties – without breaking the bank.

Just take a look at this beautiful 6 bedroom luxury villa in Choengmon Beach. It accommodates up to 12 people for just $1,605 a night. Definitely an incredible deal, considering it includes 4 staff to cater to your every need, it has an infinity pool with two outdoor bars and a fully equipped kitchen, and it has multiple terraces to enjoy the amazing sunsets Choengmon Beach is famous for.