Big Buddha Beach aka Bangrak : Attractions, Activities and Things To Do

You must have heard of Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest and most popular island for holidaymakers. It’s visited annually by thousands of people across the globe for its mind-blowing beaches and beautiful blue waters. Catering to budgets of all sizes, the island offers a wide range of attractions, activities and things to do. But where to stay, if you never been before?

The most well known beach on Samui is the bustling Chaweng Beach. If you seek thrill and parties, Chaweng, with its many bars, restaurants and shops, is where you should land. But if you seek to get away from the masses and still enjoy the nightlife that proximity with Chaweng Beach offers, Big Buddha Beach is the choice for you. Let’s get to know Big Buddha Beach more.

All the best parties

Big Buddha Beach is only 10 minutes away from Chaweng Beach, the party centre of Koh Samui, and 5 minutes from Bophut Beach, another popular bay on this side of the island.

The connection to the neighbouring island Koh Phangan is also at Big Buddha Beach. There is a ferry service and speedboat service on Petcharat Pier. This makes Big Buddha Beach an excellent base for the rowdy Full Moon Party, that takes place every full moon on Koh Phangan. When you’re done raving your heart out, you can return to Big Buddha Beach to have a swim in peace and recharge your batteries.

There is a range resorts and bungalow operations on the beach, accommodating travellers of all budget sizes.

The Big Buddha

Staying at Big Buddha Beach, you will notice an impressive view of a giant Buddha, towering majestically over an islet in the distance. This is Samui’s 12 meter Buddha – which also inspired the name of the beach.

The Big Buddha is Samui’s most famous landmark, located in the Wat Phra Yai temple. The temple is walking distance from the beach. The sheer size of the statue renders it visible even several kilometres away. At night, the statue basks in spotlights, bringing the statue alive again.

The temple is open every day to visitors. It’s an active temple and Buddhist devotees often bring food and fruit to the base of the statue as homage. It gets especially fun during big Thai festivals, such as Loy Krathong and Songkran, the Thai new year celebration. Light an incense and follow the locals to place it burning at the Buddha’s feet, you will no doubt get many warm smiles from the locals in appreciation for your effort to understand and partake in their culture.

Spoil yourself with food, massage and sunsets

There are a ton of restaurants to choose from with many different world kitchens represented. Many set themselves up on the shore line itself – strategically so, because they’re amazing for watching the sunset. Big Buddha is known for beautiful sunsets actually, especially with the view of the Buddha in the distance. Although you can come across corals and seaweed in some parts, it’s quite a nice beach, especially in front of the Saboey resort.

Many people that stay at Big Buddha Beach (and Samui in general) praise Ban Sabai Spa. The spa has an extensive range of different treatments at affordable prices and carried out by well trained staff. Since the moment you walk in, you’re drawn into an atmosphere of relaxation and attention to detail. The spa is in a very attractive compound right on the beach and many of the treatments are carried out in pavilions looking at the sea. Try the Steamed Herbal Massage and take a herbal steam bath to wind off.

Stay at a luxurious villa

You and your friends and family have come a long way for an epic holiday. Samui island has some of Thailand’s most impressive and luxury ocean view villas. You won’t break the bank either –  for the price of a couple of standard hotel rooms, you can score an incredible property for yourselves with all the amenities and comfort only a house can offer.

Take a look at this 7 bedroom luxury villa on Big Buddha Beach . It is located on the northern coast of Koh Samui on Big Buddha beach, with only a 10 minute drive to Chaweng. There are countless restaurants and shops just down the road and for an impressive $1,980 a night, it accommodates up to 14 people and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a fully furnished living room and a luxury pool. Surrounded with lush vegetation and mature coconut and tropical trees, the setting preserves everyone’s privacy.

Have a look at the photos of the property and tell me it doesn’t tempt you to be on your way to Kho Samui right now.