Samui Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is one of the largest islands in the former Siam. It stands at 288 square kilometres and is 25 kms at its widest point. If you are unfamiliar with this magical island, you should know it is considered by many to be the most beautiful tropical island in the world.

Five Reasons to Visit Koh Samui

      1.  Its Natural Beauty:

There is no better place in the world to unwind than in this most beautiful part of the world. It’s a paradise beyond words. Its natural beautiful is a feast of colour for the eyes. Local fauna and the greenest of jungles contrast with the purest white of the sandy beaches. Once you arrive at the islands’ delightful airport, you will know you are about to experience the quintessential holiday experience. In keeping with the natural beauty, the airport garden is awash with carefully tended flowers, shrubs and exotic trees. Even a visit to the airport bathroom will transport you to another world. Aquariums are actually built into the walls. Feasting your eyes on the startling blue ocean and the lazy roaming of exotic sea creatures, you may never want to leave.

       2. Island Hopping:

If you are looking for a little bit of action after you have lazed the day away at the beach, take a boat ride and sample the delights of the islands. Ko Tao offers some of the best scuba diving in the world and is a popular destination for those looking for underwater adventure.

Fancy dancing the night away under a full moon, then the island of Koh Phangan is only a couple of miles away by boat. These fantastic parties are held on the beach the night before every full moon or the night afterwards. The setting is perfect for meeting up with new people beneath a perfect full moon. Tourists from all round the word gather at the island’s beach parties: a perfect balance to the tranquilly of your villa retreat. Take a boat trip to Koh Nang Yuan, it’s on about 15 minutes boat from Ko Tao, or if you feel adventurous try a speed boat from Koh Samui. This island paradise is well worth a visit with are very few tourists and fabulous beaches.

       3.  Food, Arts and Crafts

Food is one the major attractions in South East Asia. Thai cuisine has gained a reputable across the globe. There are no shortage of street food markets and stalls to tempt even the most fastidious of eaters. Now you can learn how to cook it. The Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts offers classes for professionals and amateurs alike. You can even learn how to cook it in your very own villa. Take home more than a memory of your idyllic resort vacation.

Traditional arts and crafts go back hundreds of years. Venturing out of your luxury villa you will quickly find markets that sell authentic hand painted objects from parchment umbrellas to beautiful patungs for women. These authentic skirts are tied at the waist and are much less expensive in Koh Samui markets than the fashion houses at home. Ceramics, beautifully ornate, can be found everywhere and are all the more treasured because they were bought on this most idyllic of islands.

       4. Luxury Villas

For the luxury of chic living, beach villas are one of the main reasons why this island is considered the most attractive vacation destination. If you are looking for something quite palatial and really quite fabulous, the villas on this, one of the largest islands in the kingdom of Thailand, has to be your one and only choice. Opulent vacation rentals sprawl out to white sandy beaches. Imagine relaxing in your own Jacuzzi, or sipping your favourite cocktail beside your own elegant pool.   For sheer decadence in style and grace, villa rentals make Koh Samui the most sought after holiday destination.

        5.The Spas

For that extra touch of luxury, spas abound on the island. For health and well-being, Koh Samui has it on the nail.  No self-respecting paradise hunter can resist the joy of a relaxing spa. Imagine spending glorious hours being pampered, massaged and detoxed.

If you really want to know why this island is the most desired destination for tourists across the world, then it has to be these five reasons: its magical natural beauty, the enchantment of the surrounding islands, its mouth watering street food, beautiful art and crafts and the luxurious spas and wellness centres. Enjoy.

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