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Private Boat/Yacht

Thailand is a great place to visit especially because of the great winter season, wonderful food, excellent diving, and an abundance of islands. Although you may explore the country on public tour options, going for a private boat comes with its benefits. At Barefoot Luxury Villas, you can now take the tours with your family and close friends on a private yacht.

If you feel like taking to the sea with the company of your choice, feel free to try one of our beautiful yachts. To make improve your experience, we have a multilingual crew who will brief on anything you want to know. Apart from welcoming you aboard the ship, they will talk to you about the itinerary, on-board safety procedures, and the boat’s facilities among other things.

You can spend the first few minutes inspecting the yacht before finding your preferred place to relax. Perhaps you could also familiarize yourself with the captain to enhance your interaction especially when it’s your first time on a private boat. As your journal begins, you have a lot of spots to select from such as the sundeck, the shaded day beds, or even near the captain.

When cruising around the serene island of Koh Som on one of our private boats, there is no rush. Furthermore, the vessel can get closer to the different monuments in the place than the other boats. When you want to take photos, the captain will be more than willing to take a brief stop. If you feel like setting your foot, you can easily do it.

Although a private boat is more expensive than a public one, you surely get value for your money. When you want to have an unforgettable experience, a private yacht is the way to go. You will enjoy the magnificence of a sunset with all the space that you need.

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