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Why Pick a Luxury Villa Rental Company Over Airbnb!

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November 25, 2019

Local Villa Companies Have An Easier Check-In

To check into a luxury villa through Barefoot Luxury Villas, you just walk out of the airport and a car will be waiting for you to deliver you to your vacation home any time of the day or night. People found that checking into an Airbnb is more like a treasure hunt. You likely won’t know the address until a couple of days before your stay. And you’ll have to be in detailed communication with the room’s host to figure out the variables of your check-in situation, which can lead to directions that involve lock boxes and combinations. At Barefoot Luxury Villas, we know this is not what you want to deal with when you and your family are exhausted and jet-lagged.

In Villa Concierge Services

No concierge means nowhere to stash your bags if you arrive early or leave late. If you have a problem with your accommodations at a Villa, Barefoot Luxury Villas will have the villa manager or one of their trained staff to come to your villa quickly and fix whatever the issue is immediately. At an Airbnb, you’re at the mercy of your host, who may or may not be responsive.

Booking on an OTA (online travel agent ) Instead Of a Local Luxury Villa Company Isn’t Always Cheaper

Barefoot Luxury Villas has a direct contract with the owners so we offer the best price wiping out the cost advantage of Airbnb by eliminating certain booking fees (which can be as much as 20%), the cost advantage over Barefoot Luxury Villas could very well be erased when booking direct.

Ads and Descriptions May Be Misleading

The ads, photographs, and descriptions posted on rental websites can be misleading or downright dishonest. Some hosting services check out the places they list before they allow them on their websites, but not all do so.

At Barefoot Luxury Villas every rental villa has been handpicked and inspected to meet our strict standards. Only the finest properties are available to you. Nothing is left to chance, we expect only the best experiences for our guests.

Reservations on some Big Booking Website May Take Time

Renting through an online short-term rental service is not as fast or as easy as booking from Barefoot Luxury Villas. Most of the listing websites require users to create an online profile; they may also require you to verify your ID and even provide a video. To find a place, you’ll have to wade through voluminous listings. 

At Barefoot Luxury Villas, we find you that perfect holiday villa rental for you, our site is broken down into simple and user-friendly categories that help customers seamlessly streamline your requirements and produces the perfect holiday rental for you in no time!

Some Hosts Are Not So Wonderful

When you book a short-term rental through a website like Airbnb or VRBO, you’re not dealing with a corporate entity like Barefoot Luxury Villas. Every host is an individual and is different. Some people know what they’re doing, but some don’t. A rotten host or one who is overly intrusive could turn your vacation into a nightmare.

Barefoot Luxury Villas local knowledge is unmatched – we have been providing luxury villa vacations for over 15 years. Our whole focus is to make sure that your holiday experience is a memorable one and we will do everything in our power to assure you that you will receive five-star service. Our reputation and business success fall in the hands of our guest’s experience.

Your Rental Place May Not Be Secure

The place you stay may or may not have good locks, but it likely won’t be anywhere near as secure as Barefoot Luxury Villas personally inspected villas which come either staffed, professional security personnel on the premises, security cameras, and room safes.

Your Options May Be Limited If Something Goes Wrong

Problems can happen in all kinds of vacation rentals—a place that looks fantastic online may turn out to be filthy, with an uncomfortable bed in a bad neighbourhood with noisy neighbours. If something goes wrong with a short-term rental, will the online rental company help you out? Will you get all or part of your money back if you have a bad experience?

At Barefoot Luxury Villa, we assign a Member Care team to every visitor, to act as your advocate and guide, and to help you get the most from your experience in Koh Samui and other destinations we offer. If anything is not to your standard we are there to rectify the issue immediately.

Villa Services or Amenities Are Often Missing

If you’re not booking through Barefoot Luxury Villas but Airbnb, you won’t get the hotel-type service or amenities, such as room service or a concierge to help you out during your stay. And you won’t typically have maid service, although this is available for some rentals. If you’re not the self-reliant type, Airbnb may not be for you. 

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