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Whale Watching in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka
December 30, 2019

The Whale Watching in Sri Lanka season runs from from November to April / May, as during the rest of the year, the waters will be too rough because of the Monsoon. The best place to spot whales is in Mirissa, a small tourist town on Sri Lanka’s south coast, popular for surfing and famous for whale watching. The waters around Mirissa are particularly rich in plankton (a group of micro organisms whales feed on), which lead scientists to believe there is a resident population always present which will result in sightings whenever conditions are good, particularly between November to April.

Blue whales are the largest creatures on earth, measuring up to 30 metres in length, and luckily enough for you, they live only a few miles off the South Coast of Sri Lanka. The art to spotting the whales comes down to mastering their breathing behaviour. Whales are mammals so they have lungs instead of fish gills for breathing. Therefore, they cannot breath underwater and need to come up for air. Blue whales can hold their breath underwater for an average 30 minutes before they have to surface for air. They don’t have a nose and can’t breath through their mouth so rely on their blow-holes. When they surface, they spout the air (and lots of water with it) out of their blow-hole.

The south of Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world to see one of the only recorded resident blue whale colonies in their natural habitat . Dolphins are regularly spotted on whale watching trips. The BBC documentary titled “Ocean Giants” featuring the mesmeric world of Whales and Dolphins, and the scientist’s effort to shed light on their habits and why they grow so large were filmed around Sri Lanka and according to them 30 Blue Whales were sighted in a single day!

There is a 95% chance of spotting Sperm Whales and great chances of spotting Blue Whales as their migration path from Africa to Australia is just off Dondra Point. Whale Watching Trips off Dondra Point and Mirissa Fisheries Harbour are in a fully insured purpose built Whale Watching boat which will last for 3 to 5 hours. Also there is a good chance of spotting Spinner Dolphins off Dondra head.

Luxury private charter boats are available to witness these giants. View Barefoot Luxury Villas Experiences page to get the most out of your trip.

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