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Chasing Waterfalls in Lombok!

December 23, 2019

If you fancy Chasing Waterfalls in Lombok then look no further, Travelling to Indonesia and not seeing any waterfalls is like going to Italy and not eating pasta! Not only does the island have some world class waterfalls, but they are quiet and uncrowded. Unlike some famous waterfalls around the world, where you basically have to queue up for a photo, you’re much more likely to have the place to yourself in Lombok. Some of the waterfalls in Lombok, like the beautiful Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep, are more popular and fairly easy to reach. While others, like Mangku Sakti, are off the radar and an adventure to find.

Whichever is more your speed, you’re bound to love the Lombok waterfalls!

Tiu Kelep Waterfall is a fan favorite with travelers visiting Lombok. This one is a bit more challenging to reach than Sendang Gile, but in a fun way. You’ll be walking through water and over rocks, so be sure to have your adventure clothes on! It’s about a 30 minute walk from Sendang Gile to Tiu Kelep, but it’s definitely worth the extra hike. Tiu Kelep is a powerful waterfall, rising to 42 meters in height. You’ll be met with a strong spray from the fall, which after the half hour walk is a welcome refreshment. You can also swim at Tiu Kelep, but the water is pretty chilly.

Both Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep can be easily reached from the town of Senaru in northern Lombok. There are clear signs from the main road and it’s har dot miss. Travelers often visit Senaru as a jumping off point to some of the amazing treks around the region, like hiking Mount Rinjani. If you’re staying in Senaru for trekking, we definitely recommend adding an extra day of exploring to visit two of the best waterfalls in Lombok

Sendang Gile Waterfall Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor (Tiu Kelep), Sendang Gile is definitely worth the visit in its own right. While you’re heading to Tiu Kelep waterfall, you’ll actually pass this waterfall on the way. You can hike down to this waterfall from the main road in about 10 minutes without a guide, but many tours include this and Tiu Kelep in a package. You can also pay a local guide to show you the way for about 50,000 rupiah, but it’s not hard to reach on your own.

Benang Stokel Waterfall One of the more popular waterfalls in Lombok, Benang Stokel is located in the center of the island, just to the southwest of Mount Rinjani National Park. After a 15 minute short hike from the gate entrance, you’ll find that Benang Stokel is actually two waterfalls right next to each other. The “hike” to the falls is mostly on a concrete path and is not difficult. On your way you’ll also pass another small waterfall that drops down to a pool below. Benang Stokel waterfalls aren’t the most powerful fall in Lombok, but the surroundings are incredibly gorgeous. After the walk down to the falls you arrive at a small valley, surrounded on all sides by towering walls covered in ferns and greenery. Being surrounded by such a natural landscape you almost forget that there’s a parking lot just a 15 minute walk away.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall From the gate entrance of Benang Stokel, you can take about a 30 – 45 minute hike to Benang Kelambu waterfall. You can also have a guide take you on the back of a motorbike if you’re short on time like we were. If you have the time, the hike takes you on a rocky dirt path through the thick jungle. When you get there, Benang Kelambu is a must! This set of waterfalls is absolutely stunning. It’s hard to describe what makes this place so special. It’s not the tallest waterfall, nor the strongest, but there’s something about the falls being framed by 10 foot tall ferns and covered in greenery that makes this place magical. It looks like a set out of Jurassic Park. You can climb on the rocks into the waterfall and swim in the pools at the bottom. It’s a super refreshing dip, especially if you’ve opted to hike there.

Tiu Teja Waterfall This hidden gem is located in the north of Lombok, just outside of Mount Rinjani National Park to the northwest. If you’re looking to have a waterfall all to yourself, this could be your spot. It’s a bit hard to find, but if you put in the effort you’ll be rewarded with a stunning treat.

First you need to drive to Santong Village, then park and hike an additional 25 minutes down to the falls. There are a steep set of stairs leading to Tiu Teja waterfall, but you can take a refreshing dip once you arrive. Tiu Teja literally means “Rainbow Waterfall,” and on a sunny day you can actually see a rainbow at the end of the falls. But even if you catch Tiu Teja on a cloudy day, it’s still worth it. This isolated waterfall will make you feel like an explorer stumbling across a hidden fall for the first time.

It can be pretty tricky to find this place, but you can always ask locals along the way. If you do go by yourself on a motorbike, put in “Parkiran air terjun” in your Google maps to find the parking lot. Or if you’re on a tour, ask your guide to stop at Tiu Teja waterfall.

To make the most of your trip in Lombok, visit our experience pages of our website. The best way to go chasing waterfalls in Lombok is with a private driver. You can escape the crowds, take the day as your own pace and of course get that perfect picture!

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