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Ubud Monkey Forest Tips – Read Before You Go!!

December 20, 2019

Everybody that visits Bali, at some point will visit the amazing Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary. There are a few tips that you should know about before you go. As beautiful and charming as these creatures are, there are always risks and in turn precautions to take when in the presence of wild animals. Here are our top tips!

ubud monkey


1. Safety First
You can have fun, play with cute monkeys, and stay safe if you take a few precautions and follow a few simple rules.

PRECAUTIONS: Don’t bring food from outside Ubud Monkey Forest. The monkeys will smell it and hound you until they find it. Also, don’t bring unnecessary items or things you’re not willing to lose. Monkeys love to steal jewellery, sunglasses, loose hanging bags, and anything else that gets their attention. You should leave as much as possible in your vehicles. You can also leave items at the ticket counter. The staff will watch it for you.

SAFETY RULES: The officials at Ubud Monkey Forest preach 3 key rules.

RELAX. The monkeys are emotionally sensitive and reactive. If you show aggression, they show aggression. If you panic, they panic. Staying calm and relaxed is the best way to ensure they’re calm and relaxed.

DON’T TOUCH THE MONKEYS. LET THEM TOUCH YOU. You may see other visitors breaking this rule with no problem. Don’t do it. They are playing with fire. The people that violate this rule are the group of people who get hurt. Most of the monkeys are friendly and docile. Some people may get away it, but sooner or later, someone always gets hurt. And it’s always their own fault. Follow this rule, and you’ll never be hurt. We had some fun and thrilling close encounters, all initiated by the monkeys. Many will approach you under the right conditions.

AVOID PROLONGED EYE CONTACT. Staring a monkey in the eye is seen as aggressive, and they may respond with aggression. Prolonged eye contact is the issue, not ordinary observation.

There is also the staff at the sanctuary who work hard to keep you and the monkeys safe. These are the guys in the green uniforms. Always follow their advice and feel free to ask if you have any questions. They’re there to help. If you just abide by these few rules and precautions, you will have a great and safe time.

2. Monkeying around
The monkeys are the stars of the show at Ubud Monkey Forest. The monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest are cute, playful, and friendly. The absolute best thing about Ubud Monkey Forest is being able to experience the monkeys’ behaviour and interactions in a natural setting. This is no zoo. There is no confinement whatsoever. The monkeys are free to go where they want. You can even spot them outside the forest, walking around town.
Monkeys can be seen SWINGING through the treetops. They can be seen LOUNGING on benches, next to people. Visitors can see them SWIMMING in pools. The monkeys will also be seen CHASING and PLAYING with each other. You can see them NURTURE and care for each other. The monkeys interact with each other, constantly having fun, in fascinating ways. And they love to interact with humans too.
You could just sit around and watch them for days on end. For example, sitting next to a monkey while they eat some veggies may not sound that interesting, but when you’re there, inches away, it becomes absolutely captivating. They have so much energy and personality that everything they do is entertaining.

3. Beware of The Wild

These same cute, playful monkeys are also WILD. The overwhelming majority of the time, the monkeys are peaceful and playful with each other. But occasionally FIGHTS flare-up. We witnessed a few fights during our visit, and each one was INTENSE. The monkeys move with lightning speed and surprising strength. Most last only a few moments, but the damage can be severe.
**Barefoot safety tip** – Stay away from the fight. Don’t try to get close for photos and you’ll be fine. We hated to see the monkeys hurting each other, but it’s completely natural and real. Watching the cute monkeys go from funny to fierce in a split second was a great reminder of the harsh, raw reality of nature.

4. Nobody spanks the Monkeys.

This is NOT a tourist attraction that abuses the animals it features. Ubud Monkey Forest is owned and operated by the local town of Padangtegal. They hold the forest SACRED, and the monkeys are very significant to their deeply held religious beliefs. The sanctuary provides the monkeys 3 daily feedings of healthy fruit and veggies and veterinary care. Ubud Monkey Forest is not only a tourist attraction. It is also profoundly concerned with RESEARCH and CONSERVATION. International scientific teams regularly visit the Monkey Forest to track the HEALTH of the forest and the animals.

5. Flora and Fauna

The monkeys are such a riot to watch that it’s easy to forget how beautiful the forest is. There are a wide variety of trees, plants, and flowers. The colours are lush, and the fresh air is rejuvenating. The gigantic banyan trees and intricate vine systems are iconic, alluring, and the highlight of the forest. Make sure you take the time to appreciate nature.

6. Monkey Temples

There are 3 temples that date back to the 1300s. These are active temples that the local people have been using for centuries. The long history of these beautiful temples is astounding, and their continued use is inspiring.

7. King of the Swingers

The great thing about Ubud Monkey Forest is the mix of incredible features in one place. We would visit to see only the monkeys, or only the verdant Balinese forest, or only the ancient temples. While each alone would be impressive, experiencing them all together is magical. You can watch a wild monkey leap from the rooftop of an ancient Hindu temple and catch hold of a vine. He then swings into a giant banyan tree and disappears into a dense green canopy. And that is just one of the moments you can have. Ubud Monkey Forest is the type of exotic wonderland we all dream of visiting.

8. Take it Easy.

The Monkey Forest is enormous, covering 28 acres. You can explore the forest on paved trails that make for a leisurely stroll. We loved interacting with the monkeys in the park, but they were clearly born for the trees. Seeing the monkeys be free and fly through the trees is exhilarating and uplifting.

9. All taken care of.

Food, drinks and modern bathrooms are all available on site. You don’t have to worry about packing it all along or being stranded with no options.

10. Cheap Entertainment

An adult entry ticket is about $3USD, and the natural scenery, temples, and monkeys can provide hours of entertainment.
Open Daily: 08.30 AM – 06.00 PM
Address: Jalan Monkey Forest – Padangtegal – Ubud – Gianyar- Bali (80571)
Email: info@monkeyforestubud.com

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