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Top 5 Barefoot Experiences in Phuket!!

February 3, 2020

As Thailand’s biggest island, it’s no surprise it is packed with adventure and bucket-list experiences, from amazing cultural wonders to riding elephants in vast jungles and diving in the deep blue waters of serene beaches. It’s also a good base for exploring the nearby islands and their must-see attractions. Like the world-famous places of Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands. With so much to see and do, it’s always a good idea to have some inside information! Here is the list of our Top 5 Barefoot Experiences in Phuket!


Our Sailing Yacht and Motorboat Day Trips and Boat Charters are custom built around you. This means that we can give you the best yacht or motorboat for your group and budget.
So you have the opportunity to experience the once in a lifetime holiday memory. We have the ideal boat, destination and completely personalised package waiting for you. Come with us and enjoy our favourite yacht charter areas. Hideaway from the crowds, join us on hidden beaches and experience much more – come and join us for a fun and relaxing day aboard our yachts. We love and enjoy the tropical lifestyle here in Phuket, Thailand and wish to share our experiences, and our secret places with you.

Choose from a Day Trip, Overnight or an Extended Charter, and start your adventure now.


Visiting the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, the most ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket, gives curious visitors a unique opportunity to interact with magnificent elephants in the safety and security of their natural home. Our trained English-speaking guides give visitors insight into the behaviour and the personal history of our elephants, while our mahouts help people realize incredible life experiences such as bathing elephants in Phuket or feeding them by hand.

The Sanctuary itself has stunning views of beaches and jungles, which visitors can appreciate at their own pace. The elephants are more than happy to let their new friends check out the view or take a few photos so that everyone remembers this Phuket tour.


There’s no better way to get to know the culture of a country than through its cuisine. Take home Thai recipes to family and friends following a cooking class that gives you access to ingredients and equipment that you may not have at home. Plus, you’ll have ample space to prep and cook at your own personal cooking station. You will master the basics of Thai cuisine during a cooking class. An ideal choice for families and food lovers, you can choose between a morning or afternoon start time to suit your schedule with Hassle-free hotel pickup and drop-off included.


Discover the hidden “hong” lagoons and sea caves of Phang Nga Bay on an adventure that’s timed to beat the worst of the crowds. After lunch on the boat, your guide will paddle you through Koh Panak Cave and the caves and lagoons around Hong Island. Eat dinner, then make your own “krathong” offering and float it in Koh Panak Cave. Fireflies and luminescent plankton provide a natural light show. You will cruise Phang Nga Bay’s caves and lagoons—with a guide to paddle your kayak. Experience a spectacular natural light show: fireflies and glistening water,Learn about Thai culture as you make—and float—a flower offering and the comprehensive tour includes 2-way hotel transfers plus lunch and dinner.


The Beginner Scuba Diving program lets you safely experience the thrill of scuba diving under the supervision of a qualified Scuba Diving Instructor. This is a half-day trip and you can choose from our morning or afternoon trips. Your day will begin with a basic briefing on the boat where your instructor will explain everything you need to know about the underwater world and the equipment you will be using. We will start with some shallow water training in a confined water area. From there we go straight into our first dive where you can see our beautiful underwater world including tons of beautiful corals, sharks, turtles, moray eels, clownfish, lionfish, and much more. In between the two dives, there is food provided on the boat while the boat moves to a second dive site.

And, that’s only the tip of the iceberg! of course there is much much more to see and do in Phuket! Our booking team can pre arrange almost anything you require for your trip to make it an unforgettable one! Get in contact now and see how we can take your trip to the next level!


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