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Top 10 Beaches in South Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka
December 30, 2019

The city of Galle is located on the Southwestern Coast of Sri Lanka and is nothing less than a place of wonders and exquisite beauty. The city was first fortified by the Portuguese, then colonised by the Dutch and finally ruled by the British. So, as a result, you will witness a beautiful blend of all the cultures. Thus, a visit to Sri Lanka is incomplete till you spend some time at Galle. It is known for the Galle Fort, the Lighthouse and the beaches in Galle. When you are done with exploring all the attractions, go to the beaches for refreshing and rejuvenating your soul! Here are our Top 10 Beaches in South Sri Lanka,

1. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is one of the best and most visited beaches in Galle for various reasons. It offers so much that you cannot skip having a beach day here. The entire area is dotted with small food shacks, hammocks tied to palm trees and is always buzzing with people. However, the main attraction here is the wide range of adventure sports. If you love some thrill then you can try snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing or discover the lagoons on a guided tour.

2. Bentota Beach

Now this beach will be an absolute favourite for those who like leisure mixed with a few historical excursions. Out of all the Galle beaches, this one stands out as it offers a lot more than just fun. If youre at the Bentota Beach, you must also visit the nearby Buddha Temple and the cinnamon garden. People love to cycle around, take strolls on the beach or just enjoy the local seafood.

3. Akurala Beach

Akurala Beach is famous for the peaceful and calm environment that it provides to all the visitors. The soft sand spreads over a vast area and is seldom crowded. So if you are someone who enjoys quiet walks, romantic evenings or jamming to music with your friends then you must come here. Another great thing about the beach is that the current is usually favourable for swimmers, giving you a lot of time to enjoy the waves. Plus, you wont have to worry about your appetite since the beach has plenty of food shacks.

4. Jungle Beach

There is absolutely no shortage of beautiful beaches in Galle and you will agree with this once you spend time at the Jungle Beach. In order to reach the beach, you will first have to hike through a nearby jungle but dont worry, it is very safe and youll have oodles of fun. Once you are at the beach, dont forget to jump right into the turquoise blue waters and swim to your hearts content. You can also try snorkeling here; the clear water allows people to explore marine life in all clarity.

5. Koggala Beach

The Koggala Beach is located at the coastal town of Koggala, very close to Galle. Koggala is one the best beaches near Galle and tops the list of places you must visit. The town is known for the untouched reefs, Koggala Lake, Sea Turtle Hatchery, Martin Wickaramsinghe House and Folk Museum and much more. However, the one reason the beach is famous is the soft golden sand, clear blue water and the fact that it is totally untouched by commercialisation.

6. Ahungalla Beach

This beach will take your breath away quite literally! If you are around this area, you must stop by at the beach in the evenings. The sea is a little rough during monsoon season but otherwise, it is safe to go in the water and have fun. One thing which sets this beach apart is the view of the sunset that you wont get to see anywhere else. The sky turns into various colours of red, pink and purple. It is something which will be etched into your memory forever

7. Mirissa Beach

Apart from the ones near Galle, other beaches in Sri Lanka are also very beautiful. For instance, Mirissa Beach attracts tourists from all over the globe. It is known for being a natural habitat for some rare aquatic species. You can enjoy water sports like surfing at the beach or go for dolphin and whale spotting. During the winter season, i.e., December to March you can also see the turtles laying eggs and eggs hatching. And at last, the migratory birds add to the exotic beauty of the beach.

8. Induruwa Beach

The beach is a hot spot for people who are looking some serious rejuvenation and relaxation. People often come here to sunbathe, take long walks and some also enroll themselves for Ayurveda classes. A trip to the Batatotalena caves is a must while youre at the beach. The Bopath Ella waterfalls near the beach add to its beauty and pull more and more people.

9. Hikkaduwa Beach

Quite close to beaches like Mirissa and Bentota is the Hikkaduwa Beach, which although it offers the same activities as the other two, it isnt very crowded. The Hikkaduwa Beach is known for its bars and pubs which keep the nightlife happening and the snorkeling tours which ensure that the visitors are pumped up with adrenaline. It is an ideal spot for spending some time relaxing and enjoying good food.

10. Narigama Beach

The beach is the perfect spot for youngsters who go to the beach to lounge in the sun, splash in the waves, surf and enjoy some chilled drinks. The entire beach is dotted with sun loungers and some great food shacks, so you definitely will be spoilt for choice. If you are looking to laze around, then just pick up some drinks and kick back.

Sri Lanka is full of exciting tours and excursions, from whale watching to helicopter rides, check out our experience pages to take your vacation to the next level!

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