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Spa and Detox in Koh Samui!

Koh Samui
December 30, 2019

Koh Samui, of course, is a windswept island with white sandy beaches ultimately making your holiday relaxing, but this only really helps relax the mind. With the Island’s ever growing five star multicultural restaurants, visitors end up eating and drinking more than they would at home, which is never a bad thing but can consequently sending them back home a little heavier than when they arrived. Spa and Detox in Koh Samui, Thailand’s most popular vacation island has now become more than just hammocks and coconuts: it is also home to some of the top Spa retreats in the world designed to detox and de-stress cleansing the body and mind.

Visitors from around the globe are now starting to plan Detox Retreats as part of their vacation to Koh Samui in order to press the reset button, ultimately releasing the body of stress and toxins that build up through their everyday hectic life. Imagine an island experience where guests can still relax, enjoy and switch-off the mind, but also cleanse and clear the body. Barefoot Luxury Villas offers theirs guests Spa and Detox retreat programs with full healing facilities for guests, families and friends.

Barefoot Luxury also offers guests booking a luxury villa in Koh Samui the option to have the villa pre-stocked with only natural ingredients with organic products and a private chef on site to cook clean and healthy food courses with great flavor. Island vacationers can select from a wide range of in villa health and wellness treatments such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and fasts. Luxury villas also include blissful options of spa treatments for a guest experience crafted with a therapeutic focus delivered by Barefoot Luxury Villas’ professional and qualified staff.

Sometimes guests choose to book their holiday villa through Barefoot Luxury but do not choose for an in villa Spa or Detox Retreat but wish to still enjoy one of Koh Samui’s many health and healing facilities. At Barefoot we welcome all requests to make the guest holiday experience as perfect as they see fit and in doing so guests will receive a special discount at some of the top Spas on the Island like Vikasa and Tamarind Springs Spa. Both Vikasa and Tamarind Springs are fully dedicated to their guest’s well-being and are held high in authority as Samui’s best spas. Both Spas offer multiple spa programs and detox treatments aiming at revitalizing the body and soul through comprehensive holistic activities and healthy food.

Choose from sleep enhancement to weight loss and more. Custom-made programs can be organized according to the guest’s length of stay and what they wish to achieve. Not all island holidays have to be about the beaches and cocktails with an umbrella in it. Contact us now and inquire about booking your Healthy Retreats and imagine how incredible you’ll feel after a well needed body cleanse and detox holiday. With a fresh sense of wellbeing and a clear mind, you will be ready to return back to the bustle of your busy life well rested and refreshed!

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