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Sea Turtle Hatchery Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka
December 30, 2019

The “Sea Turtle Hatchery” is situated in Habaraduwa (southern part of Sri Lanka – Galle district) near to the beautiful golden sand beach. The center was started in 1986 and up to now have released more than 1,000,000 Sea Turtles to the ocean.

From the past, due to the cruel activities of humans, there is a danger that sea turtles are facing extinction. This rare varieties of sea turtles are destroyed by man day by day. It is the duty of each and every one to take action to save these turtles from extinction for the sake of our future generation.

Their mission is to save sea turtles and until now have succeeded to attain the goal gradually, Their main objective is saving sea turtles for the next generation. The main part of the project is hatching the turtles by incubators and releasing them to the ocean carefully. In addition to this a large number of turtles which were sick or injured by fishing nets are treated and cured and released to the ocean.

Apart from this, different varieties of sea turtles are kept in the tanks as exhibits. They feed them by giving sea foods and they released to the ocean after 4 – 5 years. From this, people can get awareness about the sea turtles and the value of saving them.

When planning your trip to Sri Lanka you must put the Sea Turtle Hatchery on your to do list! If you are looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping then check out our experiences pages!

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