Luxury LGBT villa rental in LGBT friendly destinations

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Luxury LGBT villa rental in LGBT friendly destinations!

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September 20, 2019

Planning your perfect LGBT villa rental getaway all starts with finding a destination that you just know you’ll love! Somewhere that gives you a real rush of excitement as you start picking out everything you’ll see and do.

And this is no different for LGBT holidaymakers. There might just be a few extra considerations and cultural sensitivities to take into account before you pick the destination for your next adventure.

Barefoot Luxury villas are all located in open and LGBT friendly destinations with welcoming villa staff and friendly local communities.

Barefoot LGBTQ Guest Charter
  • We certify that the management and staff at BLV welcome all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
  • We agree to challenge homophobic and transphobic behavior and ensure a positive and welcoming environment for our guests
 booking LGBT villa rental.
  • Through a courteous attitude, excluding judgment, we work to ensure a peaceful stay for our LGBTQ clientele (providing information, safety, quality of service and discretion)

Once your heart’s set on a destination, it’s all about finding the perfect tropical getaway. But maybe it’s your first time booking an LGBT friendly villa rental! 😉

A whole new way of holidaying awaits behind our villa doors!

So maybe it’s time you took the plunge into your very own private pool?

You’re no longer in the firing line for cannonball practice! And the mad dash to place your towel on a sun lounger is a distant memory – a nightmare from holidays past.

Booking your very own Barefoot Luxury villa means that you rule the pool.

You’ll also become the master of mealtimes, with no set schedules to dictate how your day is spent.

After all, there’s nothing worse than lazy mornings being cut short by the rush to grab breakfast before it’s over!

Your villa kitchen will be there waiting whenever you want to cook up a storm. And with outdoor dining tables and your very own barbecue, you might opt for alfresco feasts, fresh from the grill.

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