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Eating out in the South of Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka
December 30, 2019

While plenty of villas in Sri Lanka offer in-house meals, Eating out in the South of Sri Lanka is something you should not miss. You’ll want to get out and explore the local restaurants in Galle Fort. The city of Galle, situated along the island’s southern coast, is picking up on the radar of many travel advisories as a happening city. The Galle Fort itself is an exciting and busy place with a collection of boutique shops, local and international standard fine dining restaurants and exquisite jewelry makers.

Read our short guide below to discover some of our favourite places to eat out in Galle Fort. The city of Galle situated along the island’s southern coast is picking up on the radar of many travel advisories as a happening city and the Fort in particular is an area that is developing fast with talented international and local restauranteurs snapping up property as fast as it comes available. Galle Fort itself is quite a busy place with plenty of shops and houses that have been converted into restaurants. Read our short guide below to discover some of our favourite places to eat out when visiting the Galle Fort.

Fort Printers A former 18th-century mansion, this restaurant features a high-ceilinged dining hall, furnished with antiques and old photos of Ceylon. Sit outside in its courtyard, shaded by frangipani trees and take in the street life in this UNESCO-declared World Heritage site. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and boasts a grand fine-dining menu. Choose from a variety of tantalising fresh seafood dishes, which include grilled lobsters. There’s both Sri Lankan and Mediterranean inspired food, prepared with locally-sourced, organic produce.

Amangalla Another impressive building, Amangalla serves Sri Lankan dishes morning, noon and night, made from seasonal, fresh produce. Dine in the Zaal (Great Hall), the dining room, on the sunset terrace with its rooftop views. During the evenings dine by candlelight near the swimming pool, serenaded by flutists and enthralled by fire dancers. The restaurant also hosts excellent cooking classes so you can pick up a few recipes while on holiday.

Pedlars Inn Housed in a former British post office, Pedlars Inn is one of Galle Fort’s most popular casual dining spots. Its contemporary decor creates a relaxing experience. Sit on the veranda and watch the world go by as you feast on Sri Lankan curries, main dishes, seafood, salads and sandwiches. Don’t forget to try their well-known banana pancakes.

Sugar Bistro If you like a mix of Western and Sri Lankan cuisine this is the place to eat. Step away from the heat and the bustle of the Fort and into this cosy dining atmosphere. The Bistro serves yummy, café-style, light food, such as salads and sandwiches. And I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know can enjoy a sip or three of wine or beer at this popular establishment in Galle Fort.


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