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Try a cooking class, no one is born a great cook

  When visiting any destination you are expected to consume everything that the place has to offer, but imagine all the brownie points you’ll rack up if you can whip up some of  the traditional delicacies back home for your friends and family or maybe your partner is a foodie and you want to impress […]

Barefoot services October 11, 2019 Alex Starkey
kya beach house

Kya Beach House – Most Popular 3 Bedroom villa

Kya Beach House – Best performing 3 Bedroom villa on Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO 2019!!       The Results are in! out of 4000+ villas on the serene island of Koh Samui. A single Barefoot Luxury Villas managed property tops the charts to be the top-performing villa.   Here is what Kya Beach House has to say […]

Koh Samui Villa RentalsMarket News October 4, 2019 Alex Starkey

Stress-Free under the tree this Christmas

Let us lighten the load this Christmas. The Barefoot team understands what is required to make your holiday stress free for all the family because we are one. We live in our destinations along with our families so let us take the pressure off you and let you relax over the festive season while we […]

Barefoot services September 26, 2019
LGBT friendly villa rental

Luxury LGBT villa rental in LGBT friendly destinations

Planning your perfect LGBT villa rental getaway all starts with finding a destination that you just know you’ll love! Somewhere that gives you a real rush of excitement as you start picking out everything you’ll see and do. And this is no different for LGBT holidaymakers. There might just be a few extra considerations and […]

Barefoot services September 20, 2019

15 Best Things to Do in Bali

There’s an unspoken rule of thumb in Bali: Where there are iconic ancient Hindu temples and tropical panoramas, a deluge of tourists is sure to follow. But don’t let this deter you from exploring the Indonesian island’s largess of cultural treasures—sites like the cliffside Uluwatu Temple and the sacred pools of Tirta Empul maintain their […]

Bali Villa Rentals September 17, 2019

Loy Krathong 2019 – The Thai Festival Of Lights

    If you happen to be visiting Thailand this November, there’s a fantastic festival you definitely can’t miss -Loy Krathong. Known as the Thai Festival of Lights, Loy Krathong is one of Thailand’s most enchanting and the second best-known festival after its New Year’s festival Songkran. The Festival is held annually all over the […]

Market News September 5, 2019 Alex Starkey

7 Reasons to Pick a Luxury Villa in Koh Samui

7 Reasons to Pick a Luxury Villa in Koh Samui for Your Family Vacation Let’s be honest, most people need only catch a glimpse of the island to feel excited yet very few are familiar with the benefits of choosing a luxury villa in Koh Samui for a family vacation. In other words, the hotels […]

Koh Samui Villa Rentals September 4, 2019

Top List of Must See Festivals in Thailand

Festivals play an integral part in Thai life. Like many festivals around the world they celebrate religious events, key Buddhist dates in the calendar. But this is Thailand, where festivals are thrown in honor of everything from rice to rain. Each festival is uniquely Thai flavored, even those that are clearly Western by design. Infused […]

Uncategorized October 10, 2018 Alexis Mylonas

10 Reasons Why Travelling Asia Is An Investment In Yourself

What are you hoping to get from your next holiday? The practicalities of where, for how long and what to do when you’re there can be planned in the finest detail and tailored to meet your specific requirements. But there are also recognized benefits that come from travel which you will get, to some degree, […]

Uncategorized October 1, 2018 Alexis Mylonas

How To Honeymoon in Koh Samui

If either of you have been to Thailand before then you will already know exactly why Koh Samui is the pitch perfect place to spend a honeymoon. If it is the first time for both of you then prepare to be blown away by the experience. Where else would you possibly want to be to […]

Uncategorized September 25, 2018 Alexis Mylonas