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Villa Owners

Villa Owners

We seek out owners of outstanding properties who share our taste for luxury and who are willing to offer their properties on short-term rentals. Most of the properties in our collection are privately owned. 

If you own a spectacular property, you feel that it is underutilized and would like to benefit from additional income to help cover your property’s upkeep and expenses, you might want to consider renting it through Barefoot Luxury Villas. A single week’s rental income in peak season can cover several months of running costs.

A luxury villa is a highly personal and very valuable asset. We understand that you need absolute peace of mind when making it available to others. Barefoot Luxury Villas is on hand throughout our clients’ stay, managing and meeting their expectations and ensuring that every single detail is taken care of. Our staff looking after your property are trained professionals who minimize the prospect of mishaps or damage.

Barefoot Luxury Villas’ guests are individuals who really value taking time off from their pressured lives to spend quiet days with family and friends. Usually, owners of valuable properties themselves, they appreciate and respect the privilege of staying in such beautiful villas.

See below what we offer to Villas that work exclusively with Barefoot Luxury Villas.


  • Production & preparation of marketing materials such as high-quality professional photos and videos which required to help brand the villa.
  • Free website design for your luxury villa including hosting, live calendars and rates
  • Advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads, and more
  • (SEO) including destination-focused content creation and marketing
  • YouTube video marketing and advertising
  • Regular features in our in house BARE ESSENTIALS magazine.
  • Automated digital marketing


  • Custom reservations system optimized to work with today’s market leaders 
  • Guest inquiry management by our villa specialists 
  • All booking payments collected and banked safely
  • Private owners portal with performance charts and transparent financial statements 


  • We provide highly trained staff to manage your villa or support your existing team.
  • We provide excellent villa managers if required to be the front of house for your villa.
  • Our team and handpicked partners supply luxury in-villa services.
  • Barefoot Experiences are market-leading activities tailored to today’s traveler’s interests.


The live availability calendar is an essential element for the booking process, making it easy for anyone to see on the fly when reservations are available. The calendar not only improves efficiency, but it also helps produce more revenue and increases productivity. We find it essential that our clients feature a live availability calendar as part of their services.


To highlight the very best features of your villa, we require extremely professional, quality, high-resolution images to feature on our website. Quality photography is essential to market anything, but especially in the villa market. If you lack quality photos, don’t despair we will be happy to provide you with high-quality photography services.


For new clients, we will begin by visiting your villa for inspection by our Villa Specialists. We take a look at the villa’s overall design, the details of the interior as well as the amenities and facilities it offers. Also, we take into account the standards of maintenance and staff services.
This is just a brief synopsis of everything the Villa Specialists will be looking at but it gives you an idea of our approach.


Every villa is carefully selected, handpicked by our experts for its unique appeal and quality experience. To select only the best, we conduct an inspection stay, where one or more of our specialists immerses themselves in the experience offered by your villa to get a first-hand look at all of the comforts, amenities, and services provided.

Barefoot luxury villas are always seeking out new partnerships with villa owners and luxury properties, with no upfront cost and no subscription fee it’s time to work with the best and let our hard work and knowledge work for you.

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