Many of us dream of a white Christmas and the traditional Victoria image of family gathered around the tree on Christmas Eve. But let’s face it, snow can be fun, but boy it’s cold. And who has room these days for all our loved ones to share our Christmas festivities. Even if we can squeeze everyone in, there’s all that cooking!  Be honest, how many of us, while we’re basting the bird, wish we were sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a cocktail. Perhaps it’s time stay out of the cold. Here are five good reasons why Thailand should be your first choice at Christmas.

  • The Ultimate Family Christmas All Tied up

This beautiful country has some of the most luxurious villas to choose from. There’s no need to worry about not seeing the family. They can come too! With a private villa at your disposal it’s the ultimate family gathering. Some villas on the beautiful island of Koh Samui have as many as 26 bedrooms. Villa holidays in Asia are changing how families celebrate events.  Imagine spending quality time with your family at a beach front locale. Villa’s are ideal for children, with many complexes offering the space to explore in safety. There are also babysitting services available at some of the more exclusive villas

  • Holiday Treats

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without any presents and there is no shortage of special treats when on holiday in Thailand. Take the whole family on a shopping expedition.  If you can force yourself to leave the tranquillity of your villa, the country has some of the best shopping experiences in the world. Looking for something exclusive like designer shoes and handbags. You’ll find them. Want to treat the children to something that teaches them about the local culture? Handmade crafted gifts are in abundance.


  • Learn a new skill

Begin your New Year resolutions early. The New Year always heralds the start of new things and what better way to begin than with a brand new skill. It’s even better if the whole family joins in. There are many classes available in cooking, handicrafts and water sports. However, the quest for spiritual well-being is often at the top of people’s self-improvement list. Yoga classes abound. Learning Yoga on the island of Koh Samui is a beautiful experience.  Imagine yourself learning your skills on an incredible beach with tropical forests as your backdrop. There are numerous yoga classes available for all skill levels: adults and children. You even get to drink fresh coconut juice afterwards. That’s well worth the effort of learning something new.


  • Get fit for the new year – hiking

Hiking is not too much fun in the winter, but in Asia at Christmas, the weather, whilst some would say is a tad too warm, is perfect for hiking. There are plenty of guided hikes available with qualified guides. Wat Khao Thong monastery with its fabulous views is a good hike for experienced walkers. You’ll find it northeast of Bangkok. Around about 3 and half hours away from the city, the monastery sits at the top of a hill.  Hiking through jungle and lush greenery, the effort is well worth the quite steep climb up. Below the villages spread out like an exotic patchwork quilt. The view is spectacular. If you are thinking of renting a villa on Koh Samui, then there is ample opportunity to take your hiking a little more gently. Sample the old trails left by locals after paved roads were built. Short hikes are available that the whole family can do together. The Waterfalls of Samui is worth a visit at Christmas time. There are also longer guided hilltop hikes for the more experienced.

  • The perfect excuse to extend your holiday to New Year

Bringing in the New Year on an exotic beach in Asia is a dream within your grasp if you extend your Christmas holiday. If you are a party person then Surin Beach on Phuket is definitely for you. There is no shortage of night clubs. In fact all of Phuket is turned into a huge New Year’s Eve party with beach barbecues, live music and fireworks. For somewhere a little quieter Choeng Mon Beach on Koh Samui is the perfect venue for the whole family, even small children. There is a great party atmosphere but at the same time is very family-friendly. Once the fireworks and live shows are over between 12.30 and 1.00pm, the bars and restaurants close, but many revellers remain on the beach to dance the night away, glad they stayed out of the cold a little longer.

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